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Social Media Explorer: 3 Tips for Hiring Digital Marketing Professionals

From placing ads to creating content, you want your digital marketing team to be the best that it can be. But how do you find the talent, vet them, and bring them on board? Navigating the hiring process for any position can be difficult but there are a number of unique factors to keep in mind when hiring digital marketing professionals. 

Here are 3 important tips to follow when you’re building out your digital marketing team to set your company up for success

#1: Decide on Your “Dream Team”

There’s more to screening your digital marketing candidates than running the standard background check for employment (although it’s still essential to protect your business). When filling these positions, you need to take a strategic approach to finding the right fit. To build your ideal digital marketing team, first ask yourself this question: what roles do you need to fill? Some of the essential members of content departments include: 

  • Writers
  • SEO specialists
  • Designers
  • Social media managers 

And more than that, what skills or personality traits do they need to bring to the team to help it operate at its highest possible level. If you’re running a small business, you may be working with a limited budget. If that’s the case, try to find someone with several or all of these skills. 

Fortunately, you’ll find that many digital marketing professionals are cross-trained in these areas. However, you want to make sure whoever you’re hiring is an expert, not just familiar with the basics of these essential duties. As your business grows, you’ll likely want to fill each of these positions individually, but it’s a good starting point.

If your organization is just starting out and you’re not quite ready to dedicate a large part of your budget to these roles, there is also the option to bring on interns. However, due to the value these positions bring to your business’ overall success, it’s highly recommended that you hire experts in these fields as soon as possible.

#2: Know Where to Look for Top Talent

But how can you attract these candidates? This is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face during the hiring process, but when it comes to finding digital marketing professionals that are the best at what they do, this is especially important. To find the best candidates, it’s recommended that you rely on legitimate job boards or professional networking sites. Not only do these sites allow you to post job ads, but they also give you access to professional groups and connections that may lead you right to someone who will make a great addition to your team. 

Since many professionals in this industry are very on top of their social media feeds, posting job listings and having other professional connections share them is a good strategy for attracting the most qualified candidates. If you have the budget, you could even place targeted paid ads on social media sites.

#3: Open Your Search

When it comes to digital marketing staff, it doesn’t make sense to narrow your search to just locals. Instead, broaden your search on a nationwide or even global scale to truly find the top talent for each position you need to fill. 

You’d be surprised at the increase in viable candidates when you don’t restrict professionals in this sphere to working in-office. In fact, remote work has become a highly sought out perk, which can help your company beat out the competition when candidates are searching for employment opportunities. Fortunately, the work associated with these roles (especially those for higher-level positions) can be completed nearly anywhere at any time. 

While they’re not in the office, that doesn’t mean it has to affect your ability to collaborate and strategize either. You can set terms for attending remote meetings at specific times when everyone else is in the office to keep the lines of communication open and the entire team in stride toward the same goals. 

Starting with these three tips will get you on the right track to finding top-tier talent in the digital marketing industry. When you’re building out your team, you should also consider how these roles will need to work together and put expectations and practices in place to facilitate team collaboration. 

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Messaging Matters: How to Attract Your Ideal Customers

Want to attract more of your ideal customers? Do you know which words and phrases resonate most with your prospects? To explore how to come up with the right messages to attract your preferred customers, I interview Jeffrey Shaw on the Social Media Marketing Podcast. Jeffrey is a brand message consultant who helps businesses attract […]

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Social Media Explorer: 3 Ways Marketers Can Keep Kids Safe in the Smartphone Era

Children are a tough audience to reach. In the age of smartphones and social media, it’s not just about appeal; it’s also about safety.

Even if kids are a program’s intended users, it’s the purchaser or downloader — parents, typically — who marketers must cater to. And even if kids don’t care about their safety online, their parents most certainly do.

Online, the “don’t talk to strangers” maxim is nearly impossible to enforce. To keep threats not just outside the house, but off their kids’ screens, parents and marketers must work together. 

Making the World Safer

Fortunately, there’s plenty that businesses can do to make the internet and smartphones safer. While all online entities accessible to general audiences — from content creators to product manufacturers — must adhere to state, federal, and international laws regarding child safety, the legal minimum isn’t enough. 

To keep kids using smartphones safe, risk prevention and education are key. Let’s break it down:

1. Only Ask for What You Need

Imagine you’re a restaurant or retailer with a customer loyalty app. You might be tempted to collect all the information you can: full name, home address, birthdate, social media handles, and more. But the more you collect, the greater your risk — and the penalties for companies that mishandle minors’ data are stiff. 

Set your app to collect only the data you truly need. For instance, you could use points attached to a username that’s then tethered to a phone number. This way, the user has all the information they need and you have enough information to verify that user in your database.

Just as importantly, be transparent. Explain at the point of download what information you collect on users and why. Don’t hide this information in a terms-of-service page; place it in a prompt the user sees upon opening the app. 

2. Educate Parents

Although parents could opt to keep their kids unplugged, there’s societal pressure for everyone to be connected. Children are naturally curious, and they can be steered by peer pressure toward content that isn’t appropriate for younger audiences. 

Trying to keep kids from downloading certain apps on their smartphones is a losing battle. Encourage parents to seek device-level solutions, like Gabb Wireless’ child-friendly smartphone. The Android-based no-internet device can introduce kids to mobile technology without the inherent risks. 

Educational content has a role to play, too. Develop resources for parents not just about your app or website, but around best practices in keeping children safe online. Arming parents with information about how predators and scammers target kids can prevent bad situations before they happen.

3. Encourage Healthy Social Media Habits

Social media sites may be popular, but too much of anything often turns out to be a bad thing. Although they’re valuable tools for personal connection, children who overuse social media may experience mental health issues. According to a 2017 study, those who spend more than two hours a day on social media platforms are twice as likely to develop or have social anxiety.

This is a great opportunity for a CSR campaign. Champion healthy social media use in your content, and implement check-ins that ask users who’ve been in the app for hours whether it’s time to take a break.

Safety may not be on kids’ minds, but it’s certainly on their parents’. Make it easy to protect young eyes from dangerous content online, and you’ll win fans who stick around well beyond the next software update. 

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Social Media Explorer: Social Media Reviews are Important for Content Writing

No matter what industry in which someone works, content writing is going to be important. This is because content writing is a critical part of marketing. Whether someone works in the legal, healthcare, business, sports, or beauty industries, marketing is going to be important for spreading the word about a business’s products or services. When it comes to finding the right content writing services, social media reviews are going to be important.

Social media has become an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. It seems that whenever there is a minute of free time, people pull out their phones. Then, their fingers almost reflexively navigate to the various social media platforms on their phones. This might include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Because social media has become so integrated into people’s lives, it has become a key marketing tool. This is one of the key reasons why social media is such an important part of content writing services.

Therefore, anyone who is looking for content writing services should first look at social media platforms. Think about other people or companies who have used content writing in the past. Then, see if these individuals have put out any reviews on the services. Some of the factors that might be mentioned in a social media review regarding content writing include turnaround time, the quality of the content, how well the writer adhered to the various specifications of the assignment, and whether or not the links worked as designed. Indeed, the links are important for both search results rankings as well as driving traffic to the intended site. Be sure to take a look at social media reviews.

Furthermore, for the content writer, social media reviews are important. Social media reviews can serve as a form of marketing for the writer as well. When people see positive reviews on social media, they are more likely to trust the content writer. In addition, social media reviews are a way for people to spread the word about a certain content writer. Therefore, not only are social media reviews a judgment of the writer’s services but they are also a form of marketing.

Finally, social media reviews are also important for content writing because they might serve as a source of inspiration. Social media is often the birthplace of new ideas. People swap comments, pictures, and videos with each other. This might serve as a way to garner new ideas when it comes to content writing, marketing, and more. This is one of the key points of social media reviews.

Social media is only becoming more and more popular. Already, there are hundreds of millions of people who use social media on a daily basis. With the addition of new platforms and the growth of social media marketing, this is only going to be more important in the years to come. Therefore, anyone who is looking for content marketing services (or thinking about becoming a content writer), think about social media.

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Social Media Explorer: 3 Ways to Get a Loan Even if You Have Bad Credit

According to national statistics, roughly 58% of all Americans have a FICO credit score of 708 or greater. While this marks an upswing from years past, it’s little comfort to the thousands of people in the country struggling with credit issues. Bad credit can impede things like car and home ownership, due to the inability to obtain conventional loans.

From the lender’s perspective, their reasoning for denial is pretty simple. They rely on your credit score to prove you will be able to pay back any loans they provide, and a score that’s too low reflects poorly in their eyes. However, this fails to account for people who may have low credit scores for reasons outside of their control, like medical hardship or being the victim of fraud. In these situations, it’s important to know the methods of getting a loan if you have bad credit. 

Consider Alternative Lenders Besides Banks

In general, banks are among the most difficult lenders to work with if you have bad credit. That doesn’t mean you can’t find alternative options if you really need a loan, though. One good place to start is credit unions. Credit unions, in general, have a little less stringent standards when it comes to banks, so if you’re in need of a small loan that you’re confident you can pay back, there are options out there you can look for. At the same time, if you’ve been a good customer with a bank for years, and suddenly have a credit score drop, you may be able to ask them to consider your entire history when it comes to a loan, not your recent history.

If this option doesn’t work out, you can start looking for other options. E-lenders and merchant cash advances often offer smaller loans without requiring credit score at all or allowing for lower credit scores. The drawback a lot of the time is that these companies require large interest rates as a way of ensuring they recoup their investment. If you research these types of companies, make sure that you find one that is legitimate and credible. People have been scammed when they are desperate for bad credit loans.

Enlist A Co-Signer

Sometimes, you can lean in on your personal network if you’re not able to get a loan with your own credit. For smaller amounts, this may mean simply borrowing from family and friends. For larger amounts, though, you may want that same person to come aboard as a co-signer. By co-signing onto a loan with you, their credit history will factor towards the qualification, helping you get loans you perhaps couldn’t on your own. However, the drawback here is that they take on a lot of risk in doing so. If you were to default on the loan, they would be required to pay it back, and the default would also show up on your credit history.

As a result, it’s important that if you want to get a co-signer, that you reward their trust. Explain your concrete plan to keep up with the payments before they sign. If something changes, be sure to alert them as soon as possible.

Title Loans

As mentioned before, the issue for people with bad credit is that lenders won’t trust them to pay back their loan. One way to work outside of this issue is looking for a way to secure the loan with a piece of collateral. Some people do this with property or valuables, but that may not always be on the table depending on your assets/living situation. Something that is more accessible is a title loan

A title loan is a secured loan contingent on your car. Because of this, the lender knows that if you were unable to pay the loan back for whatever reason, they would still be able to recoup the costs by taking the vehicle. In practice, what this means is that a title loan lender is more likely to give out loans to people with bad credit since they know that they will get their money back one way or the other. Many title loan companies also specialize in getting the funds to their clients quicker than professional loans. This means that if you have a steady income but little cash on hand, and an emergency comes up, you have a perfect option.

People with bad credit don’t have to say goodbye to dreams of business ownership or other financial plans. However, they do need to be more creative and enterprising in order to find the cash that they need to get started.

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Social Media Explorer: Savvy Hacks to Repurpose Your Instagram Strategy for Local Reach

Instagram has become one of the largest social networking platforms in the world. Recent data shows 37% of adults in the United States are active on Instagram. The site also boasts that it has 1 billion global active users

 Since Instagram has such a massive base of active users, it is easy to understand why so many large companies have capitalized off of it. One analysis found that a post on the most popular Instagram profiles is worth twice as much as a Super Bowl ad. Large companies like Coca-Cola and Proctor and Gamble are spending millions on Instagram campaigns.

However, Fortune 500 companies with massive advertising budgets aren’t the only ones that stand to benefit from Instagram. Local businesses with much smaller marketing budgets are also leveraging the platform. 

Your local business needs to appreciate the opportunities Instagram provides. You don’t need to get discouraged about the fact that you don’t have as much capital to reach potential customers as national brands. You will be able to generate a steady stream of business if you understand the principles of local Instagram marketing. 

Here are some tips you should follow to get local business through Instagram. 

Create an Instagram local profile 

You are probably already familiar with Google Local profiles. They are a platform to help local businesses expand the reach to google users. 

Instagram has its own version of profiles for local businesses. When users search for a company, they will see the following: 

  • The company’s full address 
  • The industry the company is in 
  • The company’s hours of operation 
  • A weighted listing for price (ranked on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the cheapest and five being the most expensive among similar businesses). This can be helpful for reaching customers that are price conscious, such as people that want cheap car insurance with no deductible
  • The company website and company telephone number 

Instagram local profiles are very similar to the ones found on Google. You should start your Instagram local marketing strategy by creating one. 

Start and participate in discussions that are relevant to the local community 

Have you marketed your business on Pinterest? You probably found that you don’t have to be as engaged in the community as you used to be. Pinterest changed its platform to be more of a search engine a couple of years ago. This meant that users didn’t have to spend nearly as much time building followers and commenting on other posts to gain traction. 

The same approach does not work with Instagram marketing. It is especially ineffective if you are trying to grow a local brand. 

You need to do more than just share great images. The best place to start is by initiating discussions about the local community or participating in existing threads. You can buildings discussions around local events, changes in the weather and activities other businesses have participated in. 

Here is an example of a discussion that Search Engine Journal capped from a local business:

11 Ways to Promote a Local Business on Instagram

Be liberal about using local hashtags 

Hashtags are very important with Instagram marketing. According to Quick Sprout, posts with 11 or more hashtags get 81% of interactions. This is twice as much visibility as posts with only a couple of hashtags. 

Of course, your hashtags should be relevant to your target users. In the case of local Instagram marketing, you want to use hashtags that identify your locale. If you live in a large city like Los Angeles, your hashtags should probably focus on the neighborhood you are operating in. If you are marketing your business in a much smaller city, then the city name should be sufficient. Small businesses in rural communities might even want to include the name of their entire county two rich customers in the surrounding area.

Develop a Sound Instagram Marketing Strategy for Your Local Brand in 2020

Instagram is become a great platform for reaching customers. Local businesses can benefit from it too. However, you need to have the right strategy in place. The tips outlined above can be very useful.

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