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PhotoVenture: Canon upgrades irista pricing, adds new features

Canon upgrades irista pricing, adds new features

Canon today has announced an upgrade to the pricing of the subscription tiers to its photo management platform, irista.

From today, irista users will get 15GB of cloud storage space free – rising from 10GB previously – with full functionality of the platform. And Canon has added options for advanced enthusiasts and professional users with larger image libraries, who can now take advantage of 200GB and 500GB storage options.

What’s more, the prices have come down as the storage space has increased. Photographers can sign up for the 200GB option for £4.49 / €4.99 per month, or £45 / €49 per year, or the 500GB option for £9.99 / €10.99 per month, or £99 / €109 per year.

Additional add-on storage can also be bought at £35 / €39 per year for 200GB, £65 / €69 per year for 500GB and £99 / €109 per year for 1TB.

Keep your photos organised and safe with irista

Other updates to the irista platform going live today include:

  • Adobe Lightroom integration. This update allows you to edit images directly in Lightroom and store your edited versions on your irista account, maintaining a single place of storage for all your photos. Lightroom users will also find their photos with XMP data in irista, to ensure you can filter your images accordingly.

  • Multi-device ready. irista will now be compatible with the most popular range of iOS and Android tablets, the user experience has been enhanced to optimise the use of irista on tablets.

  • Photographers can now create and order books directly from irista. The update allows you to filter your favourite images and create a book within irista, all via your web browser.

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Canon upgrades irista pricing, adds new features

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